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4 december 2017
26 september 2018

aestetics vs function


There is a dangerous myth in Yoga that everyone can do every pose if we just keep working, find the right guru, take the right supplements, wear the right Lululemon outfit … eventually you too can bring the back of your head to your butt! Don’t believe it! This myth that you can do every pose as well as any gymnast, dancer or contortionists causes a lot injuries because it compels you to keep pushing past the point of where you body can safely go. When you begin a yoga practice you are generally restricted by tension in your tissues: tight, short muscles; adhesions in the fascia; contracted joint capsules; etc. Over the years you open up: creating space in your joints, length in your muscles, movement in your fascia, and then – you hit the limits of what your skeleton allows. Once you have reached the point of compression, where you body runs into itself, you are not going to go any further in that direction. Fortunately in yoga we have a wide variety of options and postures that may allow us to go around the original points of compression and allow us to work through any residual tensile resistance in our tissues, but again, eventually, the body will hit the body and we will have reached our limits. This is when injuries occur.

Since everyone is different there is no ‘should’ – when you ask, “shouldn’t we be able to have a large range of motion…?” you are ignoring the realities of skeletal variation. Some people’s bone structure will not allow much range of motion at all: that is a fact of their anatomy and there is no point denying it or forcing postures – injuries will occur. For these people the best they can do is find their optimal range of motion and be content with that, because that is all they are going to get, short of radical surgery. Some people’s bone structure will allow a huge range of motion and once they work through their tensile resistance they will amaze their friends and teachers with their elegant poses, will be used as models of the ‘right’ way to do the postures and go onto careers in show business. The process is self-selecting: those that can will do what they can, but those that can’t will grow frustrated and quit, thinking that there is something wrong with them. There is no ‘should’ here – there is only your reality, so find your yoga! Don’t worry about what range of motion anyone else has, find what is optimal for you. It may not be much, it may be a lot, but so what? If your intention is to be healthy, then be content with getting what you can get, not what someone else can do.

At yoga fit we Teach functional yoga based on your unique skeleton aestetics vs function
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