6 januari 2017

Vakantie Feestdagen Specials 2017

Vakantie Feestdagen Specials Aangepast rooster * = aangepast rooster
19 december 2016

It’s not me, it’s you – getting angry in yoga

It’s not me, it’s you – getting angry in yoga You’d be surprised the things people ask a yoga teacher. Other than the usual questions about […]
15 december 2016

How to Save Yourself from Toxic/negative People

How to Save Yourself from Toxic People Three Methods:Recognizing Toxic PeopleDealing With Toxic PeopleSaving Yourself From Being ToxicCommunity Q&A You’re in the best of moods. Your […]
27 november 2016

Gratis Vinyasa Flow Workshops

In December en januari Gratis Vinyasa Flow yoga workshops voor onze actieve vaste deelnemers. De gehele maand gratis Introductie Vinyasa Flow yoga voor vaste actieve studenten, […]