22 augustus 2016

How to Practice Breath Meditation

How to Practice Breath Meditation (Anapanasati) Four Parts:Taking the First StepsFollowing the Eight StepsWorking on Mindful BreathingTaking Steps to Improve the MeditationCommunity In samādhi the mind […]
18 juli 2016
Feel Fit

The Science behind Yoga

Watch the science behind yoga Yoga Is taking over the world The latest Yoga in America study shows that 20.4 million Americans practice yoga, compared to […]
14 juli 2016

Uit Eten

Lekker uit eten binnen de Lifestyle Naast Yoga doen in Rotterdam, Sporten in Rotterdam, mediteren, mindfulness toepassen en gezond koken en eten, Willen wij ook wel […]
3 mei 2016

9 Reasons to practice Yin Yoga Bij Yoga-fit Rotterdam

9 Reasons to do Yin Yoga Bij Yoga-Fit Rotterdam #restorativeyoga #gentleflow #yinyoga Season 2016-2017 We gonna introduce you to Yin Yoga, Starting our summer countdown here […]