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Wanna Have a more calm focust mind? No more invasive intrusive thoughts?

Wil jij een kalme en beter geconcentreerde mind? geen onvrijwillige gedachten en overmatige gedachten meer?

Masterclass ‘Focus & Willpower”

Advanced les Concentratie & Doorzettingsvermogen

Energy willpower focus and attention are a finite resource. They run out easily. Energy and attention are directly funded by the amount of sleep and rest an individual gets, both of which are notoriously thin in today’s world. This is why most people will never be successful; most people’s lives are set up to drain energy and attention.

Each day, we wake up with a reservoir of attention to use for our end. Like a battery

Attention is the oil of the lamp of awareness. When there is oil in the lamp, the flame persists. Once the lamp eventually runs out of its fuel, the flame goes out. Thus, the practice of awareness is wholly dependent on one’s control of their attention. A person’s level of freedom is measured by their ability to deliberately expend their attention on the subjects of their choice.


70.000 thoughts a day 30-60 thoughts a minute, this takes the most energy during our day

  • control and direct your greatest tool, your mind
  • learn and practice concentration
  • develop willpower
  • learn to work with and direct energy
  • learn a simple, practical and systematic goal orientated approach to help you establish a successful and sustainable meditation practice

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor willpower is limited resource

Stress depletes willpower, Willpower depletion impacts a range of behaviors, including food intake, Concentration, substance use and abuse and purchasing behavior. … Just as muscles are strengthened by regular exercise, will improve willpower strength over time.

When we learn to understand the mind we can learn to focus it, when we can focus it we can direct it in any area of the mind and develope willpower


“Life is meant to be lived joyously”. Life is not short, but it is definitely finite. Take control of your life. You only have one life as you. Make this one count. Make it amazingly spectacular. Discover who you are and your purpose in life so that you can live a life that is aligned and focused on your purpose.

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Foundations of the Mind

Week 1:

Understanding the Mind

Lesson 1: The Art of Practice

Lesson 2: Understanding the Mind

Lesson 3: How the Mind Works

Awareness and the Mind

Lesson 4: Awareness in Daily Life
Lesson 5: Moving Awareness in the Mind

Awareness, Energy and Observation

Lesson 6: Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows
Lesson 7: Separating Awareness from that which It is Aware of

Week 2:

The Art of Concentration

Lesson 1: Introduction to Concentration
Lesson 2: The Benefits of Concentration
Lesson 3: Integrating Concentration in Daily Life

Willpower – Life’s Greatest Force

Lesson 4: Willpower – Life’s Greatest Force
Lesson 5: Life – An Opportunity to Develop Willpower
Lesson 6: Life – Practical Exercises to Develop Willpower

Introduction science of Meditation (The tool to focus & willpower)

Week 3:

Establishing a Meditation Ritual

Lesson 1: Establishing a Meditation Ritual
Lesson 2: Creating a Meditation Space
Lesson 3: What’s the Best Time to Meditate?

Visualization and Meditation

Lesson 4: How to Sit in Meditation
Lesson 5: The Power of Visualization

Directing Energy

Lesson 6: Getting to Know Energy
Lesson 7: Learning to Move Energy
Lesson 8: Transition from Video to Audio

Week 4

Awareness and the Breath

Lesson 1: Relationship Between Awareness, Breath & Energy
Lesson 2: Breathing Diaphragmatically
Lesson 3: Regulating the Breath

Science & Meditation

Lesson 4: Preparation for Meditation
Lesson 5: Feeling the Goal
Lesson 6: First Guided Meditation

Centering Meditation

Lesson 7: Meditation is a Science Art
Lesson 8: Your Spine, Your Center
Lesson 9: Guided Centering Meditation


Learn to harness and direct the greatest tool you have, your mind. By understanding how your mind works, you begin to take control of your life.


You’ve probably been told to concentrate but never taught how to. Learn techniques on how to concentrate and be excellent at it.


Learn simple techniques to develop willpower, your mental muscle, so that you can accomplish all that you set out to do in life.


Environment, timing, posture, breath, process and goals are some of the key fundamentals to understand and master as you begin to meditate.


Meditation, you could say, is having a meeting with your energy. Learn to understand, feel, move, direct and concentrate energy.


Learn a scientific meditation practice, that can be practiced by anyone, that takes you within to experience and bring forth intuition, creativity and self unfoldment.



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