Yoga Introduction workshop for Beginners:

Peel back the layers of your practice and gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and the functional benefits of yoga.

Aesthetics versus Function. An aesthetic approach to yoga focuses on how a pose looks, or worse, how it is “supposed” to look! A functional approach to yoga first determines what part of your body the pose was intended to exercise and then adapts the archetype to everyone’s unique skeleton. The result is less pain, less frustration, and a yoga practice that is completely your own.

Read more about this in our  Article  Aestetics VS Function

Even if you have yoga experience we advise you to come to this free intro class. Of course you are always free to Reserve to any other class if prefered.
In this one hour free introduction class:
-We explain the basic and goals of yoga from tradition to science
– Functionality vs aesthetics
-We explain the benefits of yoga
-Look at your personal goals
-We Analyse your body
-Give a personal advice which yoga fits you best
-We give basic advice about yoga, sports, nutrition & mindfulness
-We do a Yoga class and look at the most important poses and how to do them correct safe with the right personal sugestion for your unique body.

‘So you can develop a Strong, Fit, Flexibel body & a focused concentrated positive calm mind”

‘This class comes free with one of our introduction offers you can buy in our studio after this class.”

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Benefits Yoga


Evidence Based Benefits of Yoga:

Read the article ‘Why You Should Do Yoga”  For evidence based benefits of Yoga it’s more than streching and poses it is a lifestyle science.


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