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Teacher Training Course Yoga Anatomy &  Yin Yoga 50H

Three principles for the yin practice.

  • Come into the pose to an appropriate depth
  • Resolve to remain still
  • Hold the pose for time (3 to 5 minutes on average)

Yin is an incredibly meditative practice, allowing space to be created and experienced in the body and the mind. Using the breath to calm the mind and in turn release the thoughts and bodily tension, finding comfort in the discomfort that may arise.

The Yin Yoga training is suitable for yoga students of all levels and teacher alike, who have an interest in exploring a complementary practice to the active, dynamic, yang, yoga styles. This training will strengthen both your knowledge about and your practice of yoga.

What you will learn:

Anatomy Bones, Muscles, and Poses

Suggested text: 

General Anatomy and the Musculoskeletal System by Schuenke, et al. Second Edition: ISBN 160406922

Course description: 

Unit 1 gives yoga instructors an alternate paradigm of teaching. It replaces the arbitrary and unscientific “rules of alignment” with the “14-10-7” paradigm of anatomically based functional analysis.

The Guiding Sutra: 

“14-10-7”. Explaining and applying this sutra is the heart of our program. The full sutra is:

“When you learn to see the body as 14 Skeletal Segments being moved by 10 Myofascial Groups you will be able to skillfully adapt the 7 Archetypal poses to suit every student.”

14 Skeletal Segments.

There are over 200 bones in the body but only 14 skeletal segments that are relevant to yoga practice. Once a teacher understands these 14 segments then all the various poses of yoga become transparent combinations of a few fundamental movements.

10 Myofascial Groups. 

There are over 600 muscles in the body but only ten primary muscle groups that are relevant to yoga practice. Once a teacher understands these ten muscle groups it is very easy to guide a student into the most effective variation of any pose.

7 Archetypal Poses. 

There are thousands of yoga poses but the vast majority of them are variations of seven archetypal poses. This is why ancient books on yoga listed so few postures. Understanding these seven archetypes is the key to teaching variations, using props, and making adjustments.

Yin Yoga

  • 50 hour of profound Yin Yoga practical, theory and exploration
  • A full and sufficient explanation of the Yin Practice and meridians
  • Yin and Yang defined. Yin and Yang tissue defined
  • 24 poses including the 7 archetypal poses
  • How to assist someone in their Yin Practice
  • 6 Yin Flows focusing on different Meridians and parts of the body
  • Modifications
  • Anatomy;
    • Tension, contraction, compression of the muscles
    • Skeletal variation
    • 3 layers of a join
    • 14 skeletal segments
    • 10 muscle groups
    • Individual anatomical formation of the body, its effects and limitations
    • Motion analysis of the body
  • Yin Yoga Sequencing
  • How to assist someone in their Yin Practice, variations and adjustments
  • Additional 4 Yin Flows
  • 3 specialist situational flows
  • Use of props in Yin Yoga
  • Chi and Energetic systems


Our Lead teacher is a experienced teacher

International Senior teacher (RYT1200) Gil is a former athlete. He travels around the world with his teaching skills training professional athletes and educates teachers. He has been practicing Sports, (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha & Yin) yoga & meditation for more than 20 years.

He is practicing his sports, yoga and meditation from an early age in life and studied movement science and lived with Lived with Traditional Himalayan Monks and  on a traditional ashram with Hindu monks.

Gil teaches a functional approach to understand the body in Yoga. An aesthetic approach to yoga focuses on how a pose looks, or worse, how it is “supposed” to look! A functional approach to yoga first determines what part of your body the pose was intended to exercise and then adapts the archetype to everyone’s unique skeleton.

Find more info about Gil here

Daily Schedule:

00:00 Meditation
00:00 Break
00:00 Asana, Lecture, Meditation
00:00 Break
00:00 Asana, Lecture, Meditation
00:00 Finish

What you will get:

  • After completion of the course you will receive an internationally recognised yoga teacher certification.
  • After you have completed Unit 1 you are free to take any of the other units.
  • Because our program is conceptually dense many of our students repeat units several times. Students receive credit every time they take or repeat a unit.
  • Students receive 50 credit hours every time they take or repeat this unit. If a student completes 500 hours of course work with us they will be awarded a 500 hour certificate.


  • Basic understanding and speaking of the English language
  • 18 years old or over
  • Prior knowledge and experience of any style of yoga will be helpful
  • Should not be pregnant
  • A desire to grow and learn


Yoga-Fit is partners with Yoga Academy Rotterdam

More Information please visite their website: Yoga Academy Rotterdam 


Level I Anatomy Bones, Muscles, and Poses & Yin 50Hemail ons voor meer informatie info@yoga-fit.nl wij starten 6 september
Level II Advanced Anatomy21 - 22 - 23 Feb '2020 - 21- 22 Mrt '2017 - 18 -19 Apr '20
Level III Yoga Nidra
Level IV The Mind


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